Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

Thoughtful creation of social media content and strategy to align with your brand and goals. We will curate your social media posts so that we are reaching your target audience with relevant messaging to create a better customer experience, gain followers, brand loyalty, and increase revenue for your business. 

Social Media Advertising

When used properly, social media is a powerful advertising tool allowing us to reach a very targeted audience with strategic messaging to create brand awareness and influence behavior. KW Agency will use our knowledge and expertise to manage your ad account to create powerful social ads that generate results. 

Social Media Publishing

Daily, weekly, and monthly planning and organizing of your digital content will ensure your content is posted at the right time to maximize potential reach. All content will be approved by you. No surprises! You will still be responsible for monitoring comments and inquiries. 

*All prices are monthly and based on 1 year subscriptions

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Content Creation -Videography and Photography

Level 1 Video

60 seconds optimized for social media. Capture the essence of you voice and brand. 

Level 2 Video

2-4 minute in depth look at your brand. Includes interviews, B Roll, and is the ultimate way to share your story. Cost of travel not included.

Professional Photography

Need a photographer for brand images, headshots, company picnic, holiday party, customer event, or anything else? 

Professional photography quotes can be generated upon request.

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Consulting and Training


KW Agency has laid a strong foundation for your digital marketing what? We will facilitate team training where we will guide your employees on social media and digital marketing best practices so that your customer and prospect engagement is a well oiled machine.


You know that digital marketing is the future and you don't want to be left in the past, but you also don't know where to start. You want to grow your business using inbound marketing techniques, but need to be brought up to speed. We can help!